with my spanish friends from pulso i did some gigs btw. 2005 and 2008, i loved to learn new grooves and styles. For this project i created my own drum kit, a mix of drum parts and spanish orginal percussion, the way i played my drum kit deepend on the song, partly i played it like a drum with one stick, even i locked like a monkey goin wild, wasnt very back friendly neither...

recorded 2006 by andreas hammerschmidt….. re mixed and re mastered by mikey ….2021

vocal+guitar: miguel barreda-perez
vocal+guitar: andreas hammerschmidt
guitar: andreas heger
contrabass: hans-günther flath
percussion: mikey wiegand


mikey wiegand - mother earth (part one) promo album (2018)

mikey wiegand - back again  promo album (2018)

mikey wiegand - water vs. fire promo album (2016)

WIEGAND - best of 1998-2013  promo CD (2013)

WIEGAND - with or without promo cd (2008)

WIEGAND - wege  promo CD (2007)

WIEGAND - mannheimerleben sampler CD (2007) sold out

WIEGAND - amimals promo CD (2006)

milan de gawich - verdreckte seelen promo CD (2006)

WIEGAND - kaltes wasser promo CD (2005)

groovin´ abstrax - art cora tekk cd (2004)

WIEGAND - promo CD (2004)

groovin´ abstrax - cd (2000)

milan de gawiech  - demo tape (1998)

nevertheless - demo tape (1994)

and others....